It is with great pride that I share a handful of letters I've received from my students over the years.


I felt so defeated when I could not pass this exam. My whole life I had no issue passing exams, but the bar exam was such a huge obstacle that I just was not overcoming before I got introduced to the one and only KEN LEFF- the bar exam magician and miracle worker! I used so many other preparation courses and even hired other tutors before but nothing truly worked for me until Ken was able to truly hone in on my strengths and weaknesses, organize my way of thinking and writing, communicate with me daily via email or text, call me when I was feeling nervous or confused and motivate me to let go of my past insecurities and truly believe in myself!

Ken Leff is no ordinary tutor who assigns you something from a book and discusses the answers with you briefly; he actually develops his own original material with charts, outlines, selected questions for MBE and essays and establishes a study schedule individually for each student based on how he assesses your learning style. He truly gets to know you as a person and not merely a student and understands the way you perceive the material. It was incredible how he was able to train me not to change my answers because he noticed this was a detrimental habit of mine while answering MBE questions. Ken also provided an easy and memorable approach to writing essays, which is not taught in any other prep course. I was able to issue spot essays in 10 minutes for each subject before the exam! I was never able to do this before I studied with Ken!

Ken made such a huge difference in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. His positivity, encouragement and extraordinary study tactics helped me become the happiest person I have ever been. I have received my UBE/NY BAR exam results and I have FINALLY PASSED. It took me a while to get here but meeting Ken helped me understand that it's so important to never give up on your dreams and if you truly want something, you must fight for it with all the strength you have inside of you.

I'm so grateful to have Ken in my life. He is my mentor, my friend and role model. If you want to pass YOUR BAR, contact him and it will be the best money you ever spent in your life!

I cannot thank him enough!


I don't know what to say because it will not be adequate. Preparing for, and taking the bar exam, is an experience only people who have gone through it can understand. You feel the pressure 24 hours a day and 7 days a week until the results are released. Not only does Ken understand this, but he becomes a go to resource you rely on every hour of every day.

When you work with Ken, you get more than a tutor. You get someone who is dedicated to your preparation 24/7. He responds immediately to any question, and never focuses on other students when with you. His ability to anticipate your weakest areas, and plan accordingly is essential. I found myself time and time again hitting a wall, and his pre-made charts, lessons, and practice problems were perfectly tailored to what I needed.

The bar exam cannot be crammed for, and it requires weeks and weeks of perfectly planned and executed preparation. This is the biggest test of your life, and if you do not feel it yet, you will at some point feel lost and intimidated by the process.

I approached this exam with the mindset I wanted to know I did everything possible to pass my first time. Working with Ken was part of that decision. I cannot understate his ability to simultaneously understand the bar exam trends and combine them with your strengths and weaknesses. I can confidently say any person that works with him, and trusts him, will walk out of the bar exam knowing they were as well prepared as anyone in the room.

I am extremely grateful I found Ken and would not have passed without his support.

Do it once and do it right. I DID!


I am a straight shooter so let me explain WHY you must use Ken Leff for your bar preparation.

I used a bar prep program and study the recommended 8-10 hrs a day, every day for months. I took no time off during those 9 weeks. I failed. I did the same thing again, utilizing the same program again. I changed some of my habits and used the knowledge that I retained during my first course of study. Again, I failed. This time I needed a new path and I was told about Ken.

He reassured me that because I failed twice, was no reason to believe that I would fail a third time. He provided a structured study plan that focused on my weaknesses. When we were together, I felt like I was his only student. His support never wavered. His knowledge of the subject matter is at an expert level. He encouraged me when I was doing well and read me the riot act when I was making excuses. He did not let me fall into prior bad habits that had done me in and I definitely needed that.

I used all of Ken's techniques and I followed his guidance to the letter. Not only did I pass after Ken's instruction, my score increased by over 20 points overall.

I am grateful to Ken for all of his guidance and instruction. This is an investment in your future. Don't be me! Don't let the third time be the charm.

Work with Ken now, so you won't need him later.

You "Ken" and you will pass the bar with his help!

Trying to keep this short and sweet... but I mean....to say that Ken is a miracle worker would be an understatement.

Before I started working with Ken, I really didn't think I would ever pass the bar exam. I had failed the exam three times. I couldn't understand why... especially because I studied LONG and HARD during those three prior bar prep sessions. I've invested just about two years into studying for this exam...The only thing I knew was that if the fourth time was going to be the charm, I HAD to get Ken to be my tutor. AND I WAS RIGHT!!!! Fourth time was a charm, mostly because I had Ken by my side as my tutor/therapist/friend.

Failing the bar is quite a soul crushing experience and can really kill your self-confidence. So, when I didn't pass the third time, and was unsure if I ever would, I contacted Ken. From our first phone call, before we started our weekly sessions, to our last phone call after the bar exam was over, Ken was an integral part of my success. He was incredibly supportive and motivating, and just about the greatest tutor you could ask for. Ken's strategies for success and the materials he provided during bar prep were a huge game changer for me. Having a schedule unique to me helped me stay focused, and Ken was always around to answer any questions I had via email or phone.

I am incredibly grateful for all that he has done to help me move onto the next stage of my legal career. Before I hired Ken to be my bar tutor, I felt hopeless, and like a failure. Now, I'm proud to say I will not be sitting for another bar exam EVER AGAIN!!!!

Thank you so much for everything Ken. You really changed my life.


Where to begin?! After finding your name through a google search, I first reached out to you approximately a year before the February 2018 UBE. You were in an airport on your way to a vacation and yet, you answered your phone (which immediately impressed me). Upon meeting you in person, I explained that I only finished one year of law school at Touro Law and was seeking to take the UBE under New York's law office study program. I further explained to you that by only doing one year of law school, I did not learn nearly half of the topics covered on the exam. On top of this, I informed you that aside from possessing a "colorful" criminal and disciplinary history, I also had learning disabilities that hindered by test performance, although I never asked nor received formal accommodations for such. Lastly, I disclosed that I was employed full-time (and had no choice but to remain employed full-time), married to a pregnant wife (due during the week of the February 2018 UBE), and the father to a six-year old boy.

With all of this on my plate, I reluctantly asked whether you believed there was any chance you, or anyone else for that matter, could help me pass the UBE. Without any hesitation, you assured me that if I did everything you told me to do over the next 12 months, I would surely pass. Skeptical, but hopeful, I put my trust in you and our journey began. The journey involved communication on an everyday basis (e.g., email, phone, text, skype), in-person classroom type lectures, homework study assignments, weekly task and performance evaluation calendars, mental and physical health guidance, and essentially a for-hire life coach/tutor/best-friend. What's more, you assisted me in retaining disabilities legal counsel and even securing proper hotel room accommodations for the exam. You even helped me prepare and study for the MPRE and NYLE.

Fast forward 24 months, I am now a practicing attorney. Simply put, in no uncertain terms, there is absolutely no way I would be where I am at today without you. I lack the vocabulary to truly express my appreciation for you and the sacrifices you (and your family) make so that students like me are best situated to pass the exam. You are, and will always be, a Godsend to my family and I. You taught me exactly all the law I needed to know for the exam and enabled me (who scored a lowly 149 on the LSAT and only got accepted to only one law school) to score a 316 on the February 2018 UBE (154 written/162 MBE). In fact, I was the only person in the entire to state to pass the 2018 UBE (February or July) under the law office study approach. Again, all impossible without you.

For this, I unequivocally and whole-heartedly endorse you, Ken Leff, as teacher, mentor, and friend and encourage anyone needing or wanting tutoring (LSAT, law school, bar exam, UBE) to put their faith in you and hire you immediately (because your availability is so limited—first come first serve) because, as all past and present students of yours know - "IN KEN WE TRUST!"


Congratulations! Visiting this page means you're one step closer to making the smartest decision of your legal career to date - using Ken to guide you through the monotony that will ensue over the next several months.

You're obviously experiencing a wave of emotions, whether you just graduated or just received the gut wrenching news that you failed the bar exam. Having failed the exam my first time taking it, I feel for you.


After failing my first time, circumstances kept me away from my legal career and taking a second shot at the exam for almost 3 years. Once the time came, I was absolutely petrified. I didn't think I would ever get to the place I was fresh out of law school, conditioned to cranking out essays in 45 minutes or less, and having a strong grasp on the analytical framework that law school in-grains in your brain. Taking the exam, a second time meant taking it without my friends who had all passed. I was extremely nervous that not having my study group meant not having people to empathize with, not having others to hold you accountable, and not having any help to grapple with complex concepts (f**king rule against perpetuities).

I had started studying with one tutoring service but learned very quickly that they weren't going to offer the one-on-one attention I needed so desperately. That's how I wound up on bartutor.com. Within minutes (literally) of hitting the "Contact Ken" button, I received a call from Ken himself, and that's when I knew I finally found someone I would click with.

I have used tutors my entire academic career, and I can say without even thinking that Ken is a cut above the rest. Honestly, the word "tutor" doesn't do Ken justice because he truly transcends the meaning of the word. Where many other private tutoring services fail to offer the personalized approach that so many students need, Ken shines. He truly cares about you as a person, and has a vested interest in your success in law school, on the bar exam, and beyond. While Ken and I worked together, he became my tutor, life coach, therapist, mentor, de facto parent, and most importantly a friend. Ken has been doing this for so long that he knows exactly where you need to be at every step of the process. Ken has high expectations and will hold you accountable for the work assigned. He will be honest with you about whether you're on track, whether you need to step it up, or whether you need to get your ass out of the library and take a break. He is available for you 24/7 to answer questions, offer moral support, keep your ego in check, and most importantly, make sure you maintain a positive outlook every step of the way. He has extensive knowledge of just about every bar prep program out there, and integrates his program into whichever you decide to use. I used Barbri both times, and was skeptical because of the ridiculous number of assignments they give you each day, but Ken and I synthesized our own study program using Barbri's method, Ken's method, and my personal strengths and study habits.

I came from a second tier law school, with a horrible history of success on standardized tests, compounded by even worse time management issues that crippled me the first go-round. As I'm writing this now, I'm ecstatic (and a bit shocked) to say that my second time sitting I scored a 298 overall on the UBE, and a 145 scaled MBE (about a 30 point improvement). I owe my success in passing the test on my second attempt to Ken, and I will be forever grateful for his help in reminding me of my true potential after being away from the law for so long.

I can confidently say that if you do everything Ken asks of you, YOU KEN and YOU WILL pass the bar exam.


Now that I have all the time in the world and no more 14-16hr days of bar prep (I don't know what to do with all my free time starting tmrw... it's gonna be so weirdddd... I think I forgot how to put on make-up because I've been living without it for weeks...), I've decided to write you a thank you letter...a long one...

When I first failed, I was like okay, this hurts but it's okay I'm not the only one... the second time I took and failed, I was working full-time at that time and didn't get to fully prepare, so I was like okay it hurts and this is starting to get very embarrassing but okay we'll give it another try... but last Feb, when I did not see my name on that list... it like totally crushed me Ken, literally crushed every bit of self-esteem and confidence I had in myself and I was devastated. I felt like the world was telling me that "officially you're a loser and a failure in life." It's not like I have outstanding musical, artistic, athletic talent, and growing up academics was the forte, my area, my field that I would shine in. I was never the most intelligent and smartest student in the class, but I was hardworking and dedicated enough and I've always managed to be in that top class... I didn't get into my dream schools, but managed to get into pretty prestigious institutions and did pretty well there too (with the exception of 1L year omg).... I was always so used to excelling in academics until I faced the bar exam. I've always been a slow reader and writer, which wasn't a big deal since I could take the time to write the essays and revise a million times... but after failing this bar exam for the third time... I just felt like it was an impossible, undefeatable challenge to overcome... and that really really hurt... I felt like I was falling behind from all my Cornell and law school classmates who were having a fabulous career and working their way up while here I was stuck with this exam... again... things seemed so hopeless and helpless...

In Feb, on that Friday morning when I found out my name was not on the list, I think I spent the whole day and Sat crying... and finally Sat night I started desperately and frantically googling in hoping to find a solution, someone, anyone out there could help me and that is when I stumbled across your website and I'm sooooooooo glad I did... it changed everything from that moment on... you are my lifesaver!

So... Where do I even begin... KEN...thank you so much for EVERYTHING... for putting up with all my endless Qs day and night, my stress and anxiety and craziness and always being there for me for the past 10 weeks when I needed your help and guidance and support... it was such an emotional roller coaster and I truly would not have been able to survive and power through this journey if it weren't for your endless and unwavering support, heartfelt encouragement and care, compassion, all your advice, constructive criticism, guidance, yelling, intense training... constantly pushing me to my limits to reach my potential... and for literally walking me through and guiding me throughout this process... all your former students, including me... we should all get together and should totally launch your fan club!!! :D

You are the most amazing, awesome, wonderful, compassionate, dedicated, caring mentor, teacher, counselor, coach, advisor, friend, ally, #1 advocate, therapist, guru, cheerleader (Ken you hold so many titles lol!!!) I've ever met... and it was such a pleasure and honor to be your student.

I'm so bad with goodbyes... and this is going to be a really hard one. Will miss you so much! Is it okay if I continue to keep in touch with you... as your mentee and friend? And I'll probably forever be your fan lol...


Any bar exam student with Ken in their corner has a huge and unfair advantage over others. It's really that simple.

This is an exam where small margins may determine success, or not. Ken's expertise and guidance truly is worth its weight in gold. If you are willing to do the work, working with Ken accesses his remarkable talent to put you in absolutely the best position to pass the exam.

You won't feel "ready": the materials tested are so vast that no-one truly could. You won't feel invincible. But you will feel that, with Ken's tutelage, you have covered the right material, in the right depth, in the right way. You will feel that time with Ken has helped you avoid many hours of directionless and frustrating labor. And, quite likely, deep down, with Ken in your corner, when you open the test booklet, on day one, you will feel that you have done more than enough to pass the bar.

I was a first-time bar taker; overseas student; working full-time, with a young family. The NY bar exam seemed like an impossibly daunting, if necessary, challenge.

For a while, I did some self-study, using materials from a commercial course provider. Some of it helped, some did not. Hard work was not the issue - you have to commit - but the returns were disappointing. Simply put, I could not see the wood for the trees. Something had to change.

In researching tutors, Ken stood out. From our very first conversation, he seemed different. Talking to him was fun! He explained very clearly how we would work together. What he said made total sense. He was sensitive to my work schedule. He had worked with many other overseas students. He was realistic.

In the months that followed, like his other students, I was fortunate to benefit from Ken's extraordinary knowledge of the subject matter; from his unnerving ability to simplify the most dense and uninteresting material; and from his truly outstanding emotional support, along the way. He keeps it fun. Texts would arrive ("you got this: keep going!"), uncannily at the times that I needed a boost. Any call or text to him - a ridiculously timely response. Charts would arrive that explained issues and saved me hours. Really, top-notch support and then some. Best of all, along the way, Ken became a good friend.

I passed the NY bar. But for Ken, I have serious doubts whether I would have done. If you are considering retaining a tutor, be clear that you are willing to commit the time, energy and effort to give the exam your best shot. And then call Ken. You won't regret it.

Dear Ken,

We are beyond deeply appreciative of all you did to help our son pass the bar exam. You changed his course of life after many discouraging failures. We were so lucky to finally get you after a couple of tries!

A few things impressed us most after our first conversation. Your promptness and follow through were beyond anything we had ever seen and continued for the entire study process! Your interest, from day one, in getting to know as much academic and personal information as possible about our son was the key to developing an honest, foundational relationship from the start. It opened up lines of communication and trust that were so helpful to him (and us) and put us all at ease. You proved time and again that you were available 24/7 for our son. We were also impressed with how organized and on top of everything you were. Getting the first couple meetings scheduled felt like a lifesaving rope being thrown out at sea. Truly! Having you immediately form a plan, analyze all past exams and getting to the root of the test problem eased the feeling of panic. Your expert knowledge of the subject area and the exam never failed. Our son said he could not believe you could answer any question on any subject immediately, always! Learning the subject matter through writing is brilliant. Daily reinforcement of multiple choice questions and writing essays was critical. Your knowledge of the bar and execution is impressive, but your ability to connect with your students makes you shine.

On a personal level, you provided the essential need for accountability for our son. Other than learning the material more thoroughly, was what turned things around for him. Your daily contact with him, words of support (while equally being firm and calling him out on his diversions) is exactly what he needed!! You seemed to know the right words to say at the right time. We always felt comforted after we talked or texted with you. Your ability to read people in person or over the phone sets you apart from others in a big way!

Your support was priceless and we will always be forever grateful to have found you.

You truly were the key to turning the bar exam into a success and therefore changing our son's future.

Thank you!

L.T. and T.T


While I wish to make this short and sweet, I just don't think that would encompass how great of an experience it was working with Ken. At the end of my 1st year of law school (May 2014), a friend of mine highly recommended I secure a spot to work with Ken for the July 2016 bar exam. Looking back at it now, emailing Ken in May 2014 was the best decision I made.

Fast forward to when I first met Ken in 2016. I was extremely nervous to embark on what was known to be a dreadful three-month study binge for the bar exam. I had always had test anxiety, and given July 2016 was the first time the UBE was being administered, my nerves and anxiety tripled. But all of that went away when I met Ken. He brought out a certain confidence in me I never had before leading up to standardized tests. He assured me that he had been studying the UBE administered in other jurisdictions for months and the test change should be the least of my worries because I would be well prepared if I followed his "program."

I should mention that his "program" was not standardized for every student. Sessions and assignments were tailored to my learning style, which Ken clearly picked up on each week. As I am a visual learner, Ken provided examples and explanations using charts, pictures, and stories about my family and friends. He made the material come to life. Moreover, he was unlike any tutor I've ever had before. He prepared me for nearly every scenario that I could see on the exam. I practiced multiple choice questions and essays (both outlining and writing) under the allotted time on test day for every subtopic. Moreover, he required all work assignments (outlines for topics, outlines for essays, and full essays) be submitted to him via email. He provided feedback on all essays and outlines according to the UBE rubric.

I was told by many other students that there is always at least one subject you dread seeing on the exam. My one subject was contracts. But, when I opened the essay booklet and saw a contracts question, I didn't even flinch. I just started typing. Despite my constant fear of being faced with a contracts essay and freezing, the material came to me with ease and I have Ken to thank for that.

While Ken is the BEST bar tutor, he is so much more than that. He is a lifeline throughout the entire bar process (and afterwards when you are frantically waiting for the results), he builds confidence and self-awareness and he is a mentor. He made himself available at all hours of the day and night. I often spoke with Ken via g-chat, telephone and email in between sessions to clarify a specific topic that was giving me trouble or for a much-needed pep talk.

Ken made studying for the bar exam a lot less torturous for me, my friends, my family and my boyfriend. When it came time to sit for the exam, I knew exactly what to expect and was confident in my writing and knowledge of the material. No one should go through the process without him.

If you use Ken, "YOU KEN, and YOU WILL pass the bar exam."


Where does one begin to describe you? I thought about using the CRAC method, but that scarred me so much that I chose just to write from the heart. (Plus, who wants to get their testimonial graded!!?)

So...Ken calls himself the "Bar Tutor." Tragically, that title does nothing for Ken as he is so much more than just a "bar tutor." Ken was a teacher, a therapist, a counselor, a friend, a leader, and a motivator. When I wanted to quit, Ken was there to say, "Really, you are not a quitter – look at all you have overcome in life." He was also there for my family, when my family needed to know how to help me. Ken was also there for my family, not only to help me through, but to support their journey as well.

I worked with Ken during the time that the Bar was the New York State Bar and the UBE. Working with Ken was what I needed. I wasn't the "traditional" student who went from high school to college to law school. I was in my 40's and had overcome so much in life. The reason for me becoming a lawyer is quite different than most students, so no matter how many times I wanted to quit, deep down inside, there was no quitting and Ken was there to kick my ass.

With all this being said, I can with complete confidence say that those that may need that specialized program, Ken is the Man. If you just can't seem to figure out what is going wrong, Ken is the Man. If you want to pass, and need someone who will push you to that finish line, Ken is the Man. If you need someone who works harder than you during bar prep time, Ken is the Man. The essential point is that Ken is not only a savior for those of us who just couldn't figure out why things weren't "clicking," but also a hero to us for being able to figure it out.

AND THEN...well.... you go from not passing to scoring a 277 on the UBE allowing waiver into nearly every state that takes the UBE – essentially rocking it.... nothing left to say except....

Thank you, Ken, and...YES YOU KEN!!!

Marty Tankleff, Exoneree Attorney

If you're reading this because you're thinking of using Ken Leff as your tutor (for the bar exam or otherwise), let me start by saying: YES. Do it. He's worth it. I cannot recommend him enough. Here why:

  • First of all, Ken knows this exam inside and out. I'm convinced he's more familiar with the bar exam and how the various laws are tested on the bar exam than the people that work at the major commercial bar prep courses. And he recalls this wealth of information instantly. When I walked into his office for our 2-hour sessions, I almost always had a list of questions written out, ready to ask him. He answered each and every one, thoroughly, accurately, and thoughtfully, without hesitation. He's that good. Then we'd move on to the real stuff. 
  • Ken has a method. And it works. Period. Full stop. He only takes on a certain number of students each bar exam cycle for a reason. He tailors each student's session to his or her knowledge base and learning style. Close friends of mine also studied with Ken for the bar, and we rarely (if ever) had identical experiences in any given session, because Ken thoughtfully prepared a lesson that worked best for me, and did the same for each and every other student.
  • But he was also flexible. If I wanted to skip a session on Evidence, because I felt confident in that area, he was ready to switch gears and go over Property. We never wasted any time in those 2-hour sessions.
  • His tricks, handouts, methods, etc. are truly UNPARALLELED! These little tricks and methods taught me difficult areas AND saved me a TON of time on the exam. I never would have gotten that out of the commercial bar prep course.
  • Ken is there to answer your questions along the way. Every time I emailed him with a question or topic I didn't understand, he'd pick up the phone and call me with a well-explained answer. Not only was this personal, but it also saved me the time of agonizing over something silly or insignificant. I used that time, instead, to work on MBE questions or practice writing essays.
  • He never makes you feel self-conscious. I wasn't used to one-on-one learning. I never used tutors in schooling. So I was nervous about being the only student in the room. Would that feel different? Would I look stupid? Would I feel nervous? No, no, no. Ken made the sessions fly by. He makes you feel comfortable. He makes it (dare I say?) fun. He adds humor, but it's still productive. And that's part of why his method is so effective.

I think the best part of having Ken was that I had a friend/mentor/cheerleader that understood what I was going through. Studying for the bar will be one of the most difficult and stressful things you must do in your professional life. Ken knows that. He can see it on your face if you're having a bad day. If you need to vent about how you can't sleep/eat/focus, he's there to listen, calm you down, give you some advice, and remind you that you're on track to succeed. I'm the type of person that constantly doubts myself, despite having raw scores to show me that I'm making progress. Having Ken tell me that he could see from our sessions that I was understanding the material, that I was studying the appropriate amount, and that I was likely to succeed, gave me a peace of mind that no one else could give me. And trust me, you're going to want that peace of mind when you're waiting for results to be released between the end of July and early November.


Where to begin? A simple thank you would not do it "justice" - instead, I want potential clients to understand just how wise of an investment I made in employing your services over the 10 most grueling weeks of my life.

Safe to say, studying for the bar exam is not fun. As a relatively poor standardized test taker, I knew that no matter how hard I studied for the Bar Exam, I needed someone like Ken more than anything. Ken's highly individualized and methodical approach to preparing for the "most important exam of your life" will set you up to succeed. This is because Ken is not your ordinary tutor - he will be consultant, therapist, confidant, counselor, mentor, and most importantly, your best friend. Indeed, Ken truly knows and will provide you with "all the law you need to know." However, he will teach you something that cannot be taught - confidence. With Ken in your arsenal, you will feel fully prepared and ready to roll on game day. There will be no looking back because, frankly, there will be no reason to do so.

Personally, I appreciated Ken's willingness and genuine desire to hold my hand every step of the way. From the first time we met until we spoke over the phone immediately after the 5:00pm bell rung, Ken was right there with me. I would not feel nearly as confident without Ken in my corner. Ken's methods are unique and one of a kind. Everything he does is extremely well-calculated and tailored to your needs. Even in times of great despair, Ken ensured me that "I got this." And sure enough, I did.

With that said, I strongly encourage/recommend/demand that you hire Ken prior to studying for the Bar Exam no matter if it is your first, second or tenth attempt. Ken is a godsend, and I was (and still am) so lucky to have him in my life.

          -Yes we Ken. Yes we will. Yes we did.-

Dear Future Students:

I cannot state all the reasons that Ken is the best tutor ever without writing a novel. I would like to first thank Ken for being there every step of the way, especially during my nervous breakdowns saying "I was going to fail," which I had every week. With the adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam I was freaking out, and I decided to speak with my cousin and her friend who took and recommended Ken. I did not hear anything but the absolute best about Ken, so I decided that I would contact him. Some people were skeptical when I told them that I hired a private tutor, but I absolutely do not regret that decision. It was the best decision I have ever made, because without Ken I do not think I would have or could have passed the Uniform Bar Exam.

Being that I was the first class to the Uniform Bar Exam I would highly recommend Ken. Ken tailors a schedule to serve everyone's needs. I found this to be very helpful, unlike Barbri's (or other Bar Prep companies) generic schedule and because I am such a slow studier. Ken made sure that I was ahead and comfortable with my study schedule. Ken is tough, but it is for good reason. He is very passionate about what he does, and it shows through his teaching. His tricks are what helped me remember all the small minute details. His charts were AMAZING visuals, because they laid out the difference that we had to know for the UBE. He can teach the relevant and most important law that you need to know for the UBE in the easiest and most efficient way (much easier than pulling out the many books that the bar prep companies send us). He knows the law like the back of his hand.

Ken will answer your calls and emails at any time. He will never keep you waiting more than a few minutes if you have a question or concern. He will grade your essays and give you effective feedback. There are so many more reasons why Ken is the best tutor and why anyone who is debating on hiring should hire him, but you will see why once you hire him.

All that being said, if you do the work and put in the effort that Ken tells you to there is no reason that you will not pass the UBE. Hiring Ken surpassed all my expectations, and it will surpass yours.


Remember "yes you ken."

Ken is a lifesaver and a dream come true. He will guide you through the bar exam, and quickly become your #1 advocate, your ally, your therapist and your guru. I was absolutely petrified of the bar exam - I had nightmares all through law school! Luckily, Ken is so knowledgeable, and has been doing this for many, many years. He coached me through every question, every essay, and every practice test.

What I love most about Ken is how close he becomes to his students. He truly, truly cares, and his compassion is radiant. He always makes himself available. I could call Ken with a question at 6:30am or 10:30pm. Either way, he picked up and you could hear his smile through the phone.

There were many times that I felt absolutely hopeless and helpless throughout this process. However, Ken was there to pick me up when I was down. He became a shoulder for me to cry on and the first person to celebrate my achievements. It was a gift to have Ken by my side this summer. I thank you a million times over - to the moon and back.

Ken was a fantastic Bar Exam tutor. As someone that was taking the UBE for the first time, Ken made sure to have all available information and knowledge at his disposal to best prepare for this new type of exam. It goes without saying that his command of the material was second to none, and he could translate difficult material into easily understood concepts.

I think what stands out most about Ken is his unwavering support during this incredibly stressful time. Ken was always available to answer any questions -- he was always just a phone call or email away. He would take the time to answer each question thoroughly over the phone, which I always appreciated. Ken was there to motivate me, and keep me on track.

Simply put, he was an invaluable resource. I recommend Ken Leff without hesitation.

New York City is a big town, and there are certainly a lot of businesses that might make unsubstantiated claims of being the "best" in their respective industries. Ken Leff is the exception to this rule. Ken's perfect approach to tutoring the student is unlike anything I have ever experienced. He is, by far, the best teacher/tutor I have ever had, and made law school and the bar exam an unbelievably successful experience for me. Here's why:

  1. His methods are incredibly personal - Ken will tailor his teaching style to your learning needs. He will help organize your workload around your life's other commitments. He will cater to your concerns, and be there for you when you need him most, AT ALL TIMES. Ken is a great friend who happens to teach you too.
  2. His teaching style is unbelievably effective - Ken has tricks, mechanisms, handouts, practice questions, practice exams, and ACCESS to literally every academic law-related medium out there. He will teach you the law you need to know in the most efficient way possible. He will tell you exactly how to study certain material, and how to answer every type of question the Bar Exam may present. YOU WILL LEARN A TON FROM HIM, and it will show on your exam!
  3. His classes/sessions are shockingly pleasant - Watching the hands on the clock move, counting down the seconds until your session/class is over...these are just not a part of your experience with Ken. He is simply THE BEST. He makes sure each session SO productive, and gets you so into the material, all with a smile on his face, that you actually feel bad when the class is over, because you know if you stayed there longer, you would work better. When studying for the bar, sessions with Ken are the best part of the day.

Ken Leff is THE BEST law school tutor and bar exam tutor in New York City, and probably the country. It was an ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE to work with him.


Where to begin... You ARE more than a tutor, you ARE more than a coach; you ARE more like my personal psychiatrist, mentor, friend and lest I forget, an extraordinary tutor. You have an uncanny ability to make even the dullest of topics entertaining and approachable.

What really separates you from other law school tutors is your ability to understand how each particular student learns best and tailor your instruction to that person. I had tried several tutors during my first semester of law school and once I met you, no other tutor would do! You were always available to field my calls, texts and emails at all hours, even for things that had no bearing on tutoring. You have always accommodated scheduling, whether I wanted to work before class at 7am or from 10pm to midnight. The way you care for me and your other students is simply unmatched by anyone else.

From the moment we met, you instilled confidence in me. After more than four years out of the world of academia, you helped me to traverse the cruel and relenting nature of law school. Your intimate understanding and experience with all of my professors and courses helped keep me on track to perform well on all my finals. Thanks you to you, I am transferring to my dream law school. I could not have done it without you!

To those students who are considering using Ken: if you are lucky enough to get off the wait list, take it and run! There is no better tutor, coach and friend out there. Ken dedicates himself to his students in an unparalleled way that I have never experienced before. He will always be available to talk you through problems or go over an exam with you or in my case, just listen while I vent. He will respond to your late night texts about specific law problems and he will also calm your nerves. He is the real deal and there is none alike. I look forward to working with Ken through the rest of my law school career.

Thank you for an incredible 1L experience. I couldn't have done it without you.


Looking back on the past year of my life, what can I say but THANK YOU! Thank you for being the most amazing teacher, my very own (and very needed) therapist, and someone I can truly call a lifelong friend. But Ken, words honestly cannot express how grateful I will always be for all of your help, your encouragement, and for believing in me even when I couldn't believe in myself.

I took the Bar Exam for the first time in July 2014. Prior to starting the Barbri course that summer, many of my friends had recommended Ken. Looking back I am embarrassed to say that I never even considered using a private tutor to help me prepare for the bar. As ridiculous as it now sounds in hindsight, I thought to myself why would I “throw out” money on a private tutor when I hadn't failed a test in my life, much less a test designed for the majority of first-time takers to pass. However, about half way through the summer I realized what a mistake I had made. I was overwhelmed, struggling to keep my head above water, and my confidence was totally shaken-I was overcome by my fear that I was going to fail the bar exam. My problem wasn't lack of drive or inability to focus. It was that I felt totally helpless and didn't know how to separate what was frequently tested from the minutia that unbeknownst to me was virtually never tested. I am a perfectionist, totally type A, and while this proved to be my biggest asset in law school it was no doubt my biggest vice when it came time to studying for the bar. So I studied and studied and studied some more, but I had no confidence in the process I had no option but to follow, no confidence in myself, and no confidence that come test day I would be prepared to pass the Bar Exam.

Long story short, my fears came true-I failed the Bar Exam. The day the results came out, I did what I should have done so many months, sleepless nights, and tears earlier-I called Ken. At the time it was the worst day of my life (and I'm pretty sure it will be up there for many, many years to come), and during the weeks that followed I was angrier than I ever wish to admit.  But what Ken told me the first time I called him and what I actually started to believe after only our second appointment was that I could and would pass the bar exam my "next" time around. So 8 months later, having passed the NY Bar Exam, while I in no way envy you, I do know that you can and will get through this difficult time and that with Ken's help you'll no doubt do it the “next” time you sit for the bar. So to anyone considering using Ken, if I could give you any advice it would be to learn from my mistake. Use Ken now so that there is no “next” time.

Above all, Ken is a genuine, humble, and compassionate person on both a professional and personal level. So I recommend Ken not only for his teaching ability but also for his constant words of encouragement, for not being afraid to put you in your place (if, like me, you need to be), for somehow being available literally 24/7, and for being whatever kind of “tutor” you need him to be. If you use Ken you'll soon be fortunate to realize for yourself just how genuine Ken is, and that's the reason why Ken's words always meant and will continue to mean so much to me. Ken is a no nonsense kind of guy-never afraid to show you some tough love-but constantly providing unwavering support, guidance, constructive criticism, the best to-do lists and calendars, and the compassion and empathy needed for each and everyone of his students to tackle all that the bar exam tests. So while I definitely wouldn't want to switch places with you, I can confidently say that if you use Ken soon enough you will be the student on the other side, eager to show Ken your appreciation in any way that you can and eager to share with others just how amazing Ken Leff is.

Ken, I cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING. You are truly a special person and I am lucky to have had the pleasure of working with you!



I cannot say enough good things about Ken and his program (but I'll do my best). First of all, the bar exam is terrifying; don't let anyone tell you differently. If someone is telling you differently, they are lying to you and you should defriend them. Barbri and every other study program will send you multiple books large enough to maim and very little instruction on how to use them. They'll also give you exercises that waste the very little time you have.

The good news is that's what Ken is for. He takes a process that is a mess and turns it into an organized, well thought out program. He is like having your own cheat guide to the bar. He gives set assignments for the week and Ken will be there every hour of the day to answer emails and suggest everything from time savers to more efficient writing techniques. I went into this process a hot mess. Crying all the time, had no idea what I was doing. And then like a miracle worker, Ken came in and saved the day. By the time I was in Albany to take the bar, I felt like a career test taker. I could not have been more prepared even if I had another two months to study. Thanks to Ken, I passed both NJ and NY with a high enough MBE score to waive into DC and Minnesota (but really, who's doing that?). 

Maybe some of you cynical types are thinking, oh, but maybe she would have passed anyway. FALSE. How do I know this? Because before we met Ken, my brother failed the bar twice. Thanks to Ken, my brother passed the third time and didn't have to become a hot dog vendor. Needless to say, my parents are Ken's biggest fans.

In short, Ken is not just a miracle worker, therapist, and bar expert extraordinaire. He's also a really great person and someone I now consider a friend. The bar exam is hard enough, do yourself a favor and invest in Ken.



The BAR Exam: the compilation of three years of studies, a condition precedent to becoming admitted to the state board of law examiners, and accordingly, obtaining a job as a practicing attorney. Enough pressure for you? Now imagine receiving eight enormous text books and being told to memorize everything. By “everything” I mean: all of the information you learned as first year law student, an additional 15 state specific subjects, distinctions between the federal and state law, and a Multistate Performance Test. The BAR Exam is neither the LSAT nor the SAT, you cannot simply learn tricks and rely on your test taking ability to master the exam; it requires an understanding of the substantive material and the ability to voice that understanding in a clear and concise manner (i.e., essay portion). So how do you pass this outrageous exam? The answer is simple: Ken Leff.

I am the prototypical student who attended a non-tier 1 law school (i.e., poor standardized test-taker who excels in the classroom). Inevitably, I was terrified to take the BAR Exam. I signed up for BarBri, but I was skeptical that this generalized program would be tailored to my needs. I employed Ken's services and never looked back. Ken worked hand-in-hand with the BarBri program, but knew where to focus and how to properly supplement the material. Ken has a great feel for/familiarity with this exam and has picked up many “tricks” that the bar examiners use.  His teaching helps you to master the material. 

The method to Ken's madness is as follows: edit the rigorous BarBri schedule to adapt to your needs while spending more time on heavily tested subjects, supply you with supplemental materials that enhance your ability to memorize and learn, challenge you on a daily basis in order to have you prepared for test day curveballs, dumb down convoluted topics, highly responsive (i.e., emails/phone calls on any day, at any time, warrant an immediate response) and most importantly serve as a resource, therapist and friend. Such “resource, therapist and friend” cannot be understated. Ken, as opposed to parents, family or significant others who do not understand the BAR Exam, will have the answers to your numerous questions, calm you down during the occasional “freak out” and keep you sane throughout the 10 weeks of studying, because he understands the nature of the process. Ken is with you from day one until you receive your results, including holidays, sick days and even during the breaks on exam days. Ken truly cares about his students. He is in this profession for the right reasons and it is very clear from your first session.

I passed both the NJ and NY Bar Exam on my first try with a high enough MBE score to waive into D.C. (remember, I am a terrible standardized test taker). I have never felt so comfortable walking into an exam as a result of Ken's services. I highly suggest you invest the time and money in Ken.
If I can do you it, YOU KEN DO IT!


Let me explain my story to anyone who may wish to use you.

Early in my bar course, my close friend said she needed the services of a private tutor and was using named Ken Leff. She was looking for extra help and some one-on-one tutoring to tighten her skills and increase her scores. After her second meeting with Ken, she called me up and insisted that I call Ken and just speak with him. She was so impressed by his abilities as a teacher that she believed I would be doing myself a great disservice by not, at least, speaking with him. Well, she was right.

After phoning Ken, I enlisted his services with the intent of utilizing him for a few sessions with the goal of trying to increase my essay scores. In the end, however, I saw Ken on a weekly basis for the entire ten weeks prior to the exam. Rather than following my original plan, I quickly realized the benefit of utilizing Ken for far more than simply "essay improvement." In fact, we covered all aspects of bar-exam preparation, including: multi-state review, lectures, test strategy, New York multiple-choice review, physical/mental preparation and overall well-being, and timing.

As you can imagine, the frequency of our sessions was a significant strain on my finances as well as a time consuming activity during an already intensely demanding period. Despite this, however, I had made a conscious and deliberate decision to use Ken irrespective of the strain it would put on both my wallet and my time -- I was that impressed by his knowledge and methods. In retrospect, I can now confidently say the benefits far outweighed any burden. That, I am sure of, as last week I received the email notifying me, I PASSED!

Ken is a compassionate, intelligent, and disciplined individual. He is an exceptional teacher who not only has a comprehensive knowledge of the law and many of its intricacies, but has the ability to convey that knowledge in a clear, concise, and readily discernible manner. Whether addressing the subtle nuances of contract law, describing fine-line distinctions between multi- state and New York law, teaching his approach to essay writing, or explaining the complex workings of property law, Ken is able to communicate his knowledge in an intelligible, effective, and articulate way. Most importantly, Ken's methods lead to significant positive results. I witnessed these results on a daily basis when we worked together, and even more importantly, I have in my possession the most convincing proof of all -- the letter from the bar examiners!

Ken gave me the confidence and security to face this difficult, trying, and at times even humiliating, experience with the inner strength and belief necessary to pass the exam after previously failing it. Like you, he takes more than simply a business interest in the situation. He fully participates in, and actually lives through, the entire experience with his students. In fact, with the exception of myself and my mother, I do not believe anyone else was as nervous with anticipation, nor as happy with my success, as Ken Leff was. For that l am eternally grateful.

Please rest assured, and be confident in the knowledge, that whenever you hire Ken Leff, you are in the best hands available. I myself will highly recommend Ken as a tutor to anyone taking the bar.

Words cannot fully convey my gratitude to you. Thank you so much.

Ken, it occurred to me today, as I looked at a calendar, that for the first time in a very long while I can actually enjoy the holidays without the anticipation of months of note taking and the never-ending fear of failure. I thank you.

When I called to tell a friend that I had failed for a crushing, but not surprising, third time she told me that maybe it was time to try something else other than a standard course. She gave me Ken's number and suggested I call immediately as his roster filled up quite quickly.

My experience with Ken was remarkable from the moment I first spoke with him. He was a constant voice of calm and reason at a time when I felt completely hopeless and lost. I discovered at 9pm the night that the Bar application was due that I had misread the timeline for sending it in to the examiners. Ken's guidance began even before our tutoring sessions started when he coached me through getting the application postmarked and notarized in the three short hours I had remaining.

Ken's sage advice proved helpful far beyond the application dilemma. Every week that I saw him he made me believe not only was my passing the Bar possible that it was probable. He was incredibly intuitive and knew exactly when I needed not only practice but encouragement as well. It was so comforting to study in such a warm and positive environment. I never hesitated to call Ken with exam questions and perhaps more importantly I always knew I could approach him with my emotional concerns as well. I left Ken's home on Long Island after every session buoyed by his faith in my abilities and his confidence in me became the catalyst to consistent and effective studying

To put it quite simply, Ken is as kind and compassionate a teacher as I have ever met and I thank my friend all the time for introducing me to him, not simply because he is the reason I passed the Bar but because I feel lucky to have met someone so wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend him for a moment. YES WE KEN!!!!

Dear Ken:

As you know I recently received my results from the New York and New Jersey bar examiners and was successful on both examinations. This achievement I believe was due in large measure to your excellent skill and complete understanding of what it takes to pass these rigorous exams

Your approach, which was completely tailored to my personal needs as a student, allowed me to break the prolonged study period down into little "baby steps" on the road to success. Steps, which encouraged me to forget about the larger picture and stresses, associated with this exam, and focus rather, on the daily requirements needed to conquer such an overwhelming task.

Furthermore, your focused coaching and daily pushing forced me to study, even if I wasn't in the mood or felt overwhelmed. You truly were more than a tutor, you were and are, a friend who takes a personal interest and stake in your students success. You truly care about your students not only to ensure their studies are going well, but also to help support them emotionally during this trying period. A case in point of your concern for my personal well-being was evident in your almost daily telephone conversations with my wife. Your conversations with her both reassured her that I was doing well but also encourage her to push me to study as hard as I could.

Thank you and feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

Future KEN student:

I write with great pleasure to recommend Ken Leff's Bar Review Prep Course to anyone seriously considering practicing law in New York.

Mr. Leff is an outstanding, gifted teacher. In my experience, I have encountered few with his skill, passion and patience. He is tough, but fair and although Ken demands a great deal of diligence from his students, he too, is no stranger to hard work. Ken was always willing to "go the extra mile" for my comprehension. Regardless of the boundless enthusiasm and positive energy that Ken brings to each study session, he is hardly a merciless taskmaster. Ken recognizes that some students take more time than others to grasp certain legal areas. He shines in a one-on-one setting. Consequently, Ken keeps detailed progress notes on each student and he will always read every essay and address every tough question. Ken Leff also possesses the uncanny ability to make intricate areas of the law seem far less complex. His knowledge of the law and the exam is overwhelming. He accurately predicted many of the New York essay questions well in advance. Moreover, Ken is extremely flexible. He is always reachable and he adjusts his course and corresponding assignments to fit even the busiest schedule.

In addition, the course materials are excellent. Ken constantly emphasizes good essay writing and issue spotting. He will strive to reprogram your mind so that you can think and write in ways that maximize clarity and build high scores on the exam. Ken also pays significant attention to the MBE. If multiple choice is not your strong suit, you need not fear. Every night, Ken assigns numerous questions and goes over still more questions during the weekly meetings.

Finally, Ken Leff is a remarkably good person. He is honest and cares a great deal about his students. On more than one occasion, he lent a sympathetic ear to listen to a few of the distractions that occurred while I studied.

If Ken has one flaw it is that he is generally more critical of himself than he is of his students. But if he is too hard on himself, it is only because he wants everyone to pass so badly. Clearly, Ken Leff's Bar Review course is not for everyone. If you are unmotivated or prefer a large, impersonal setting, you should definitely go elsewhere. By the same token, Ken's course is not just a vast money making machine. The program will not end abruptly--leaving you with no one to turn to just days before the Big Exam. Alternatively, Ken stays with you until the very end. If my memory serves me correctly, Ken even requested that students call him at lunch breaks from the test to help keep them “in the zone”.

In retrospect, now that I have succeeded in this endeavor, I can unqualifiedly say that, but for Ken's help and encouragement, it is likely that I would not have passed the New York State Bar Exam. In fact, instead of writing this letter, I would probably be studying for the July Exam right now!

Dear Ken,

You are amazing!!! I say that because you are the first person to ever make me study. I did not know how rewarding hard work would be. But I do now because I passed the bar!!!!

When we began working together I asked you what I needed to do to pass this test. You told me to follow your lead blindly and I would pass. You were right.

You organized my notes. You organized my life!!! Without you I would have spent countless hours trying to distinguish between Robbery in the first degree and commercial paper. I was not well versed in the law. Having taken almost 5 years off between the first time I took the test and this time made it all that much more difficult. But you handled me with kid gloves and kindness. You did not scare me nor torture me. You told what I needed to do - no more and certainly no less. You made me want to do the work. WOW!

You said do 50 questions, I did 50 questions. You said read Torts notes, I read torts notes. You said write essays, I wrote essays. You said take a break, I took a break. And you made studying fun. Whether you came to work with a newspaper clipping about a TV show I loved but could not watch because I was studying, or you showed up with chocolate covered biscotti (the perfect study food), you always arrived with a smile. When I felt like I could not study any more - over worked and overtired - you pulled me out of my rut with ease.

You enabled me to reach my potential. You are a teacher, a friend and an incredible motivator. You were also so accessible. I felt like I was your only student (and I know that I was not) but you answered any and all questions I had at all times of the day or night. You made me feel so comfortable calling you. No question was too silly or too simple. You prepared me so well. I could not believe it. The New York day was amazing. Your essay predictions were right. I do not know how you knew nor do I care because I kicked ass on that exam thanks to you. I thought I failed the MBE, but you told me that I passed because I did more than 1400 questions and consistently scored above 60%. I did not believe you but you were right. I got a 147, much higher than I did the first time. I am certain that I could not have done it without your help.

You have a gift my friend. Thank you sharing that gift with me. You have a gift Ken. Use it well and help others to achieve their goal. If I could do the necessary work to pass then I believe any one can. But I could not have done it without your standing over my shoulder cheering me on.

I thank you a hundred times.

Dear Ken:

What can I say but "Thank You". I have definitely accomplished several difficult tasks in life, but never once has it been possible to do so without the helpful words of support and encouragement from friends and family. Almost after a year of the good fortune of being able to work with you, I would safely say that you are like both to me.

There is no question that when I encountered moments where I said "I can't" you were able to show me that "I could" and when success seemed like a distant thought you were able guide me with your attentiveness and patience to a level where I knew I would succeed. Given the hours of questions, midnight phone calls, Final Jeopardy, and terrific cheer up messages, it clearly showed that you dedicated your life to make it possible for others to achieve their dream.

I can't tell you the number of times I simply wanted to go the Secaucus, NJ and become a weatherman, yet before I could step on the Path Train, you were going to make sure that I had given it my all. You were my mentor and most importantly a friend for life, making my success even sweeter. Ken, you gave me the edge to get by; To allow me to face a task that was like none other I have ever had to overcome. In the end, after all said and done, I am now an Esq.

Thank you for making the dream of passing the New York State Bar Examination a reality, and giving me an "edge" in life.

Thank you, most of all, for teaching me the real meaning of the words I CAN and I WILL!


Dear Ken,

Your tag line... "ALL THE LAW YOU NEED TO KNOW." Wow, you weren't kidding when you said that.

Before meeting you, had sat for the Bar Exam several times and was unsuccessful on all attempts. I kept asking myself what I was doing wrong. But to no avail I came up empty. My confidence was dwindling by the moment and I felt like my knowledge of the law was seriously weakening. I knew I needed to make a change in my approach, but I just did not know what it was. When I saw your advertisement in the New York Law Journal I figured it wouldn't hurt to give you a call. After all, I had already taken 2 other bar classes, so what did I have to lose. Little did I know that you were the one person who would enable me to overcome this huge obstacle in my life - THE BAR EXAM!!!!

After just one session with you I knew that I had made the right choice. Your approach is quite unique and unlike no other I had ever encountered. I, who was working full-time, was concerned that it would be difficult for me to keep up with a structured studying program. That's what made your approach so special. Each session was totally customized to MY individual schedule. More importantly, we covered the areas that I had the most difficultly with.

You gave me the ammunition that I needed to win this battle. By the time that February had arrived I felt that I was really prepared. I went into that Bar Exam with a whole new approach, an approach that only you were able to teach me. My confidence was strong, thereby enabling me to stay focused, and as for my knowledge of the law, it was as strong as ever. Topics, which confused me in law school, seemed clearer now than ever before. I felt as if I had evolved, as an attorney as well as an individual.

May 1st was an amazing day for me. Finding out that I had passed the New York State Bar Examination was one of the sweetest times of my life and the fact that you were the one to give me the good news made it even better. As my eyes filled with tears of pride and my mind was flooded with thoughts, I realized that you, Ken Leff, were the one who made this happen for me, and for that, I am forever indebted to you. It is with the most sincerest, and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am a recent graduate of Hofstra University Law School.

I had sat for the New York State Bar Examination four times before finally passing. After coming close the previous two exams, I decided enough was enough and sought help to find out why I was failing. I was referred to Kenneth Leff, who came highly recommended. I was skeptical about going to a tutor thinking that the bar review course was enough to get by, but theses courses go through important material as quickly as the unimportant material, and they never teach or stress the importance of proper essay writing and technique.

While working with Ken, he was able to show me which subjects the Bar Examiners tested on more frequently compared to other subjects, so I would be able to focus most of my study time on the & tested areas, but at the same time not forgetting those minor subjects as well. We just approached them more efficiently. A major problem that I had with the bar examination on the previous exams, was my essay writing and technique. Ken was able to teach me the difference of writing an essay on the bar exam versus one in law school. Remember, a Bar Examiner who is grading your essay is reading probably up to fifteen other essays an hour, so if you can write an essay that is easy to read and to the point you make for a happier Bar Examiner thus a better grade.

When I would meet with Ken we would discuss the subject in great detail and take notes. The difference is that here I was an active participant in the process. If I ever got stuck or was uncertain in a specific area, it would be explained to me thoroughly. If the subject discussed was a MBE subject we would go over MBE questions together, teaching me the importance of watching my time on each question, the proper way to read the questions and how to eliminate answers immediately, increasing my chances of getting a right answer. During the week I would write essays on the subject that was discussed previously that week and emailed them to Ken who critiqued and graded the essays by our next meeting, enabling me to perfect my essay writing.

Ken also set up a weekly study guide for me that was easy to follow and kept me focused daily on what I had to study during the week, enabling me to get the most out of my study time. What I really enjoyed the most about working with Ken is that he is available to all his students twenty-four hours a day. If I ever had any problem or any type of question, all I had to do was call or email and I knew a short time later, he was going to reply.

If you are taking the New York State Bar Exam for the first time (or the fourth time), I highly recommend Ken Leff.

Thanks Ken.

Dear Ken,

I am just writing to thank you for the superb preparation you provided me for the New York Bar Exam. As a re-taker, it is difficult to put into words the levels of anxiety, fear and grief I experienced during my preparation for the exam. However, I realize that you understood exactly what I was feeling, because you always seemed to know when my emotions were hitting a threshold point. Moreover, I never had to call you for either support or therapy because you had always extended yourself on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week schedule for the two plus months we spent together.

As grateful as I am for the substantive preparation you provided, I am even more grateful for the psychological preparation and support. Failing by three points on the prior exam was quite disheartening. Before contacting you, I felt completely helpless and hopeless. Within a month of our preparation, however, you made me feel as it I were ten-feet tall and fiercer than the most daunting Bar Exam ever! For me, the psychological edge was missing, and somehow, mysteriously, you were able to provide it.

Additionally, I must comment on the fact that your substantive preparation is without equal. I have always been a diligent student, however, your program kept me more disciplined and work-conscience than I ever could have imagined. I found your technique to be quite effective due to the efficiency it promotes and the results it produces. I studied extremely hard for the first Bar Exam and scored a 111 raw on the Multistate portion. With your help, I attained a 150 raw score. I think the effectiveness of your training is evident through a quick glance at those numbers.

With your assistance, I was able to walk into THE BAR EXAM with the least possible amount of fear and anxiety. It was not that you "brainwashed" me into feeling confident; rather, the confidence emanated from the complete knowledge of the law that you gave me. I truly feel fortunate to have been under your tutelage for this.

Mr. Leff, your advertisement does not lie. You are a masterful teacher, a relentless coach, a mindful listener, and a good friend. Thank you.


I am writing to thank Ken Leff for his needed assistance and encouragement in helping me prepare and successfully conquer the New York State Bar exam... Ken helped me not strike out - it was my third time taking the bar when I met Ken. My first attempt at the bar was straight out of law school. I took the standard bar class and thought that I was doing everything right - I went to class, outlined my notes, studied countless hours and of course was in a miserable mood during the months of June and July. I also took a supplemental 3 day MBE test, essay workshops --I took everything that they were willing to offer me -- I in turn failed. Of course learning that I failed was a big blow to my ego. I had never failed anything before. I decided not to take the February bar and instead go to South Africa (a little different method of studying for the bar!)

After returning and knowing that I needed to conquer the bar, I decided to call my bar course and take it again using same methods and all the added extras again as well. My second time around entailed the same schedule. I again took everything that they were willing to offer me -- I in turn failed again. When I found out that I failed again I was now practicing law. When finding out that you have failed the bar in a legal environment, there is more of a pressure to pass. I did not have the option to run away to foreign country this time - I had to pass.

When I failed the second time I knew of a couple of people who had the same issue. Coincidence or not (I think not), they had all passed after being tutored by Ken. I called Ken and knew that I was saved. Working with Ken made me understand the material. I was able to ask him questions (a live person, not a television screen or a person over the phone). When I had questions when I was studying with a bar course I didn't really understand my own questions nor could I understand anyone's answers. Studying with your friends becomes a big waste of time. Ken is a patient teacher and is knowledgeable on the subjects. He is there to listen to you and help you understand in layman's terms (my middle name is layman) all the subjects that you hated all your years of law school.

I highly recommend Ken if you are thinking about studying for the bar. If I could do it all over again I would have studied with Ken my first time around while taking the bar class as I now recommend to anyone who is taking the bar. I wasted two summers of my life, one winter, a lot of money and a lot of time being miserable. I walked out of this bar able to tell people what was being tested and what the correct answers were. Ken gave me the strength to be confident with the bar. My whole life I never did well on multiple-choice and felt that the MBE would be my downfall. Well, 142 scaled later, I can waive into almost every jurisdiction that will allow me to and am not afraid of the little black circles anymore.

I can't tell you enough how much Ken helped me. I would have used him in law school if I had known about him. He is knowledgeable on every aspect of the bar. I had done essays with him that were tested on the bar - I felt almost like I was cheating! He makes you understand the material and sets out a schedule that is easy to follow. I worked a full-time job while tutoring with Ken and was still able to pass. My first two attempts were full-time jobs and I should've been fired! There is no greater feeling than conquering this ugly disease. Ken is the vaccination and the cure.

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Kenneth J. Leff, Esq.